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Hi There! Thanks for your super response to the Everything Patterns idea! So many of you have commented on my introduction video and taken the survey! 

Today, I’m going to talk a little bit about hand embroidery. There are 3 videos below! The first is brand new, and the second and third are videos that I shot a little while back (my hair is so long, and I look so young, lol).

This first video will be how to transfer your embroidery designs, and also how to use interfacing on the back of your embroidery:

(***POST NOTE- A couple of people have commented that they’ve heard that applying heat to a wash-out marker will make it permanent. I have re-tested and found this not to be true (using a Mark-B-Gone marker.) Keep in mind that I am applying heat very briefly to the back of the fabric, through the layer of interfacing. If you apply heat for a longer period of time directly to the ink, it may become permanent. I recommend testing your marker before use. You can also iron on the interfacing first, and then trace, but it will be more difficult to see the pattern through the interfacing.)

I use Thermoweb lightweight interfacing, which can be found here (this is an affiliate link, which means if you make a purchase, I make a small commission, at no extra cost to you.)

This video is about the basic supplies you will need to get started with hand embroidery:

And finally, watch this video to learn how to do 3 basic embroidery stitches (backstitch, French knot, and Satin Stitch):

Next time, I will show you some tips for using colored pencils with your Everything Patterns! Remember, the Everything Patterns e-book will have over 50 patterns which can be used for embroidery, coloring, painting, and other crafty applications! The e-book will be released around the first week in October- be sure that you are on my newsletter list to get all the announcements!

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