This is my Tuffet Pin Cushion tutorial. Are these the cutest, or what? I can’t get enough pin cushions, and judging by Pinterest, neither can anyone else (wink.)

These adorable little pin cushions remind of the “tuffets” that were going around the internet a couple of years ago. I got this idea because I’ve been saving up those little tiny dog food cans (when you have a little tiny dog, you accumulate a lot of those!) I hated to throw them away, and early on I got the idea that they’d be just the right size for a pin cushion base. Now, if you don’t have little tiny dog food cans lying around, you have a couple of options. You could:

A. Get yourself a little tiny dog, or

B. Substitute a similar sized can.

(I happen to prefer option A, I’m just sayin’!!) Keep in mind that if your can is a slightly different size, you may need to cut your fabric circle a little smaller or larger to accommodate. You can go crazy making these, using up all your little bits of fabric and trim and buttons….

I’ve used a combination of rice/beans and polyester filler for the stuffing. If you like to use crushed walnut shells, etc. that’s fine, too. See this blog post about different types of stuffing for your pin cushions. 

You will need:

  • Circle pattern, click here.
  • –Small can (about 3 1/2 oz), cleaned and dried with label removed
  • –Scraps of fabric, ribbon, rick rack, trim, etc.
  • –Buttons
  • –Embroidery floss, wool thread, twine, or other decorative thread
  • –Spray paint (optional)
  • –Tacky glue
  • –Strong sewing thread (like hand quilting thread)
  • –Sewing needle
  • –Filling for pin cushion, such as rice/beans/sand/crushed walnut shells, etc.

If desired, spray paint the can and allow to dry thoroughly.

Glue fabric strip and/or trim to the can.

Cut a circle of fabric. Use sewing thread to make a running stitch all around the circle, about 1/4” from the edge. Place a ball of polyester filling in the center and pull the thread to tighten. Add more polyester filling until the “tuffet” is packed quite tightly. Tie off the thread securely.

Cut a piece of embroidery floss 31” long. Bring the thread through the bottom of the tuffet, leaving a 4” tail, and come up through the top center of the tuffet.

Bring the thread over the top, back through the bottom, and again through the top, pulling it a little taut. (A)

Continue around the tuffet in this way. (B) Tie off the thread with the thread tail that you left at the bottom (C)

Trim off excess thread. (You can also just skip this whole entire step, and make a “muffin top” pin cushion instead of a tuffet!)

Cut an 8” piece of embroidery floss and attach the button- bring the thread through the top of the tuffet, through the bottom and then back up through the top. Tie a knot on the top and cut off the excess.

Fill the can about 2/3 full of rice or beans. Place glue along the top edge of the can. Carefully “squish” the tuffet slightly and insert into can. Allow glue to dry.

Decorate your pin cushion with some cute and colorful pins. They are really the finishing touch to make your pin cushion irresistible!







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Get the downloadable PDF of this tutorial here.